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Our History:

The LOS ANGELES SOCIETY OF CORPORATE CONCIERGE (LASCC) was established in 1989. The idea of a Corporate Concierge began in Texas and quickly spread to Los Angeles. The LASCC is an association made up of professional CONCIERGE working in the corporate and residential communities.

The "art" of CONCIERGE until recently was seen exclusively in the hotel environment. The function is to provide "guest services" which can mean literally anything! A jack of all trades, master of many.

In medieval France, the CONCIERGE kept track of titles of distinguished visitors, was entrusted with the keys of the castle, watched the comings and goings of people and controlled the drawbridge. In French the translation is "caretaker"; in Latin "fellow slave."

In modern times, the Concierge has become, similarly, all of these things and has now been applied to the needs of office buildings and residential environments. The Concierge is the ambassador representing the management of the property, a central clearinghouse dispensing information, advice, services and referrals for virtually anything, both personal as well as professional.

From this elite corps of professionals, a former industry expert has this to say: "Real luxury is usually not something enormous. It is instead, an endless accumulation of tiny things, each of which makes life just a little more comfortable, beautiful, safe, altogether pleasanter."

That is the province of the Corporate Concierge.

Our Goal:

The goal of the LOS ANGELES SOCIETY OF CORPORATE CONCIERGE is to provide a medium to bring together Concierge who provide tenant services and, as such, to promote high professional and ethical standards.

Members of the LASCC are encouraged to promote friendship and communication among other Corporate Concierge and related corporate tenant service personnel in Los Angeles and adjacent areas. Through the association members have the opportunity to promote, enhance and improve their skills and professionalism.

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